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Re-Energize Now: Relaxation Audios

Guided Meditation and Mini-Vacation for Stress Management

Laura1Use this 15-minute audio to de-stress during your day.

Click here to take your vacation: Audio

Is your health worth 15-minutes?
Would you like to feel the energy you have after you’ve given yourself a vacation today?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you’ll be glad you took a 15 minute vacation during your day with this soothing guided relaxation. Laura Rubinstein, Professional Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, guides you into the depths of peace and serenity. You will awake with renewed energy to be more productive and positive minded.

Laura is the creator of the LBR Relaxation Series of guided power-naps (available at She has helped thousands of people create positive results in their lives using these programs. Results include, sleeping better, weight reduction, pain reduction, motivation, increase sales, eliminate stuttering, enhance confidence, get organized, portion control, grief relief, inner peace, and more.

When is your groggiest time of day? Many people experience a lull in their energy sometime during their day. Often times they reach for the nearest caffeinated product and cause their body system to go into hyper-drive. This is an unnatural state and can be avoided. When your body feels tired, it needs something. Using a guided relaxation audio only takes 15-minutes and can provide many benefits without taxing your organs.

Most Americans do not pay attention to the messages that their bodies are giving them. They take aspirin and ibuprofen to numb out physical pain

They over eat and/or drink alcohol to numb out emotional pain

They drink caffeine to ignore the stress their body is undergoing

All of the pain and stress are messages from our bodies about ourselves. I am by no means advocating eliminating these remedies. However, I think an honest evaluation of the purpose is necessary and consideration of healthier choices could enhance the quality of one’s life.

It is possible to have an abundance of energy without numbing out or ignoring our physical symptoms. The guided relaxation programs offered by Transform Today are tools to help you care for your body, mind and soul in a healthy manner.

Each hypnosis session is 20-25 minutes in length and can produce the effects of up to two hours of sleep. I call it a mini-vacation.

Enjoy the journey.